WIT Guest of Honour

2018 Winnipeg Invitational Tournament Guest of Honour


Missy Penner

Missy Penner has been the “Voice of WIT” on Shaw broadcasts for over a decade.  Her analysis and colour work during the final games of WIT are engaging, exciting and reflect her knowledge of the game.  She has worked with such notable partners as Shawn “Wrap It Up” Coates, the “Incomparable” Laurie May, Ken “the voice” Opalko and of course Greg “Slam Dunk” Bouchard.  When Missy and Bouch call the game the excitement is palpable….electric.  For her contributions to WIT and her passion for sport, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Missy Penner is this year’s WIT Guest of Honour.


Missy is one of the lucky few who knew what they wanted to be early in life.  In grade one she dreamt of becoming a teacher, by grade three she had narrowed it down to specializing in Physical Education.  With the help of some great teachers and coaches throughout junior high and high school, Missy kept to her career path.  At Miles Mac she starred in many sports, but volleyball was her real passion.  “Sports and activity are so important for young people; the physical benefits are obvious but it’s the comradery; working together as a team towards a common goal and working under pressure that helps build character.”   After high school Missy took a few years off to work with the government and also a year working with special needs students. However, before she started work she promised herself that she would go back to school, “It was tough coming back, after you start to earn a living; but was my lifelong dream to teach physical education.”


She kept her promise and enrolled at the University of Manitoba in the early 80’s.  She was an All-Canadian volleyball player for the Bison’s during which time she earned a degree in Physical Education and then an After Degree in Education.  These years helped her form an understanding about teaching and sport.  “Sport is an avenue for helping “build character”; how then do we pr

epare young people for the stresses of life?  Sport often puts athletes in stressful and difficult pressures situations.   Athletes then have to work as a collective group with their teammates and coaches to answer the call, to be clutch.”  Missy strikes a balance between the winning and losing aspect of sport, “It’s not always about the outcome that is the most important thing; it’s about pride.  Did you put your best effort in out there? Did you leave everything on the court?  Are you proud of your performance and have no regrets?  If the answers are ‘yes’, often the outcome will take care of itself.


Missy doesn’t just preach about the benefits of sport, she puts her philosophy into practice; Garden City athletics is a family affair. Missy’s husband, Phil is the coach of varsity boys’ basketball team and their two sons, Troy and Cole are student athletes who have excelled, both on and off the court. “We told our sons that if you want to be successful you need to believe in yourself and work hard.  We believe that their involvement in high school athletics has helped each of them to learn that discipline, time management and determination are needed to, not only become successful student athletes, but more importantly to become a good person.”